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These are the episodes of the adventures of Jimmy Neutron!!!

"The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius"

**SEASON 1**
1. When Pants Attack
2. Normal Boy/Birth of a sales man
3.Brobot/the big pinch
4.Granny Baby/Time is money
5.Raise the Oozy scab?I dream of Jimmy
6.Jimmy on ice/Battle of the band
7.See Jimmy run/Trading Faces
8. Phantom of Retroland/My son, the Hampster
9.Hall Monster?Hypno-Birthday to you
10.Krunch Time!/ Substitute Creature
11. Saftey First/CrimeSheen investigation
12.Journey to the center of Carl/ Aagh! Wilderness!!!
13.Party at Neutron's / Ultra Sheen
14.Broadcast Blues/Profesor Calamitus
15.The Egg-Pire strikes back (1)
16.The Egg-Pire Strikes Back (2)
17.Maximum Hugh/Sleepless in Retroville
18.Make room for Daddy-O
19.A Beautiful Mine
20.Sorry, Wrong Era

**Special-Season 2
>Men at Work
>The Mighty Wheezers/ Billion Dollar Boy
> Attack of the Twonkies 1 and 2

**SEASON 2**
1. Beach Party Mummy
2. The Retroville 9/Grumpy ole men
3. Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion 1
4. Operation:Rescue Jet Fusion 2
5. Nightmare in Retroville
6. Monster Hunt / Jimmy for President
7. Return of the Nanobots
8. Holly Jolly Jimmy
9.Love Potion #976/J
10. Sheen's rain
11. Maternotron knows best / Send in the clones
12. The Great Egg Heist / TheFeud
13. Out, Darn Spotlight
14. The Junkman Cometh
15. The Foul Bull / The Science Fair Affair
Special- The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

Season 3
1. Lights! Camera! Danger!
2. The N Men
3. The tomorrow Boys
4. The Feudimonium
5. Clash of the Cousins / Who's your mommy?
6. Stranded
7. Jimmy goes to College
8. Incredible Shrinking Town
9. Crouching Jimmy / Hidden Sheen
10. One of Us / Vanishing Act
11. The Trouble with the clones
12. Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius / The Evil Beneath
13. Who framed Jimmy / Flippy
14. King of Mars
15. Best in show / El Magnifico
16. My Big Fat Spy Wedding
17. How to sink the subs / The Ladies sing the news
18. League of Villains parts 1 and 2


***GOTTA BLAST!!!***