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**The Characters**

**The Characters**
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These are the characters :


Full Name: James Isaac Neutron
Age: 10 years old
Birthday: March 14th
Blood Type:
Phone Number:555-1546

Jimmy Neutron's just your average, everyday, tweenaged super genius. He may have an awesomely overdeveloped brain and the ability to create out-of-this-world (literally) inventions, but he's still the shortest kid in his class, and he's still gotta be in bed by 9. More often than not, Jimmy's amazing inventions get him into heaps of trouble. But with his best friend/scientific guinea pig Carl and his trusty robotic dog Goddard at his side, Jimmy always finds the formula or grabs the gadget that gets him (and the rest of Retroville!) out of the toughest tangles!


Full Name: Goddard
Age: 1 year old
Jimmy's proudest invention is Goddard, his trusty robotic dog. Considering he's made of sprockets, circuits and widgets Goddard makes one heckuva man's best friend. Plus, unlike his real-life canine cousins, Goddard can transform into a whole slew of useful tools, vehicles and other gadgets for Jimmy—he's like a high-tech, barking toolbox on four legs. Goddard's still got a few kinks to work out, like the fact that he explodes when Jimmy says "Play dead!" But otherwise, this digital dog is the perfect (cyber) canine companion!


 Full Name: Liberty Danielle Folfax
Age: 10 years old
Birthday: December 11

Cindy's best friend is totally wired. No, not excited—she's pretty mellow—we mean she's outfitted with all the latest electronic gear. From Palms to pagers to cellphones aplenty, Libby is constantly beeping, tweeting, ringing or buzzing. All that electronic energy doesn't seem to affect her, though—she's the perfect calm compliment to Cindy's high-strung personality!



Full Name: Hugh Beumont Neutron
Birthday: April 1st

-Hugh is just your average suburban dad who's trying to keep an eye on his super genius son and the incredible inventions he comes up with. If he normally seems kind of oblivious to it all, well, that's because he is. Hugh has a hard time disciplining Jimmy, even when he crashes a rocket into the house or lights the curtains on fire. Ok, so his bumbling ways are a little embarrassing, but Hugh's just a loveable, goofy dad at heart.


Full Name: Judy Neutron
Birthday: February 26th

 Jimmy's mom's the Big Boss. She's a no-nonsense disciplinarian who has zero tolerance for Jimmy's oddball inventions tearing up her carpet or eating her tupperware. Judy's also the family mechanic—she can often be found in the garage, checking the plugs and points or adding horsepower to the family roadster. She may rule the Neutron house with an iron(ing) fist, but Jimmy's mom's still got a soft spot for her little Boy Genius...



Full Name: Carlston Ulyses Wheezer
Age: 10 years old
Birthday: January 17th
Blood Type: O Negative
Shy, asthmatic Carl Wheezer is Jimmy's right hand man. Unfortunately, that often means that he's Jimmy's guinea pig. Poor Carl's allergic to pretty much everything, so just breathing is hard enough for him. And yet he still agrees to help Jimmy out with his experiments (even if he usually says "I don't know Jimmy..." first). Carl may get a little scared—and a little messy—riding shotgun next to Jimmy, but he always comes out glad for the ride.


Full Name: Cynthia Aurora Vortex
Age: 10 years old
Birthday: June 5th
Blood Type: A Positive
CINDY-It's not easy being the second-smartest kid in Retroville. Just ask Cindy Vortex. Her competition, of course, is young James Isaac Neutron, inventor of such amazing items as the Girl Eating Plant. Cindy has made it her mission to prove that she's just as smart as Jimmy, and their constant competition produces some seriously sticky situations.


 Full Name: Sheen Juajerra Estevez
Age: 12 years old
Birthday: November 19th

Have you heard of UltraLord? Because if you haven't, Sheen will be offended. And when he gets over it, he'll tell you all about UltraLord. About the UltraLord TV show. The UltraLord action figures. The UltraLord trading cards. The UltraLord comic books. The limited edition, special issue, one-of-a-kind UltraLord toilet seat cover. See, Sheen isn't just obsessed with UltraLord, he longs to actually BE UltraLord. And yet, Jimmy still hangs out with him, which proves that he's as patient as he is smart...


 Nick Dean is the coolest kid in Retroville. He knows it. You know it. Everybody knows it. As a certified Cool Guy, Nick frequently gives Jimmy advice on what to wear, do, say or think. Nobody really knows whether any of the advice works or not, but one thing's for sure: It definitely sounds cool coming from Nick.


 Full Name: Winnifred Fowl
Age: 82 years old

Miss Fowl is Jimmy's no-nonsense teacher. She's appropriately named, because let's face it, she looks and sounds like a chicken. Sorry, it's true. But there's more to Miss Fowl than meets the eye. When her students aren't around, she leads a thrilling life of high adventure and intrigue. It's always the ones you'd never suspect.

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