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This is the continuation of PCC messages because I didnt want the page to get longer! These messages are from the past but it wil be really helpful! :)

Overtaken by spiritual theives
1 THesselonians 5:1-10
We must remain steadfast in Christ. The day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night.
The SCripture warns us as believers that we must be careful because we can be overcome by Spiritual theives in the last day.
We need to redeem the time these last days!. We must take every oppurtunity to serve Jesus and we must be careful about potential disasters. The second spiritual thief is Materialism. Materialism is not of the Lord. we must keep materialism under control and never have excuses before God. The 3rd and final thief is the thief of permissive life style. Or conciousness should not be sealed.

February 13 2005--Deep & Wide
Ezekial 47: 1-12
Rivers peak of the flow of the presence of God. God loves Rivers and hence he uses the topic of rivers in the bible many times. God gives us a river of blessing.
John 37 : 37 - 39
"Let them come to me and drink."
"Out of the heart, flows riviers of living water."
River is symbolic of the Holy SPirit coming down on us.
It is the will of God that the waters of the Holy Spirit flow through you and me.
The Church needs the power of pentecost.
Acts 1: 4-8
He's talking about born again people. He commanded them to obey him & not depart from Jerusalem, wait for the promise from God.We need to be filled with power when the Holy Spirit shall come upon us.
The purpose of the power of God was to bring a supernatural to Christ. Pentecost is not for defense of odd expressions. God didnt give us petecost to create a bizarre question! Jesus connected the suernatural in the great commision.
We should be a blessing of rivers flowing out.
The reasons for pentecosts are:
1. The Source of the River
2. The Force of the River
3. The Course of the iver.
4. The healing power of the river.
February 20th, 2005 Formed for God's Family
We were formed for God's family which is called the Fellowship or church of Jesus Christ.
It is imposible to fulfil all of God's purposes without fellowship(in family of God).
You were put on this earth to know God and love him and to know his family and love them.
** loving God.
** loving each other.
"Our strong love for each other will prove to the world that we arew his true disciples."-Jesus said.
We are in teh same body. The word fellowship is described as loving one another int he church. Why does God want us to love each other?
1. We become like Christ.
2. Love needed to produce unity.
We must be comitted to one anotehr. We are to rejoice in our success of loving each other and for others too.The christian life is not only believing, but also belongly.
Romans 12:5--"In Christ, we who are in many are one body and every one members one of another."
The word "body" denotes the work of God and love of God in fellowshipping with others.
Church is called the Bride of Chrsit because it talks about preparing for Christ. Christ is the bridegroom. What does a bridegroom do to a bride? he praises her.
God loves to praise us and lift us up before the world itself knows. He doesn't want to be proud of his bride when we don't have fellowship. We must give and share with each other. The closer the church meets, the closer the church will be. The fruit of fellowship with unity is the result of the body of Christ.
a. Share experiences and problems. Listen to another & learn from one another.
b. Let's do our part.
Matthew 25: 41, 46
Let's love each other as family.


More messages comin soon!!

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