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This is all about the site info

The reason I came up with this site was because I wanted some kind of reminder to remember these messages and scriptures and stuff. It's actually really helpful and I hope it's helpful to you too. If there's any error in the messages, just tell me(email).

About the messages
I wrote these messages in church while listening to the pastors. So basically I kept writing what they were saying. That's why some of the parts of the message sounds somewhat weird, lol.

Why I named the site "Bread of Life"
--Well, when I created this site, I first thought I would just name it Christian site, but then I thought that wouldnt mean anything. So I kept thinking what name would be good for my site. Then I thought of this verse from the Bible: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by everyt word." and I heard many times, many pastors keep saying this: "He's the bread of Life". THen I was like, alright! I like that name to be the name of my site!--"Bread of Life".

*Bread of Life*