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These are some messages that I heard from Philadelphia Christian Center.

January 30th, 2005--God's place of no return.
We always want to know where we're going. Many times, it has to be our walk with God. God never allows pain or trial without a purpose or trial in his truth.
Genesis 5:5--"God is their provider..."Mankind was created to be dependant on God.
Acts 17: 28--we should be physically dependant on God. God intended for you that you are dependant on him. In other words have the Conciousness of dependance of God.
We need God in our lives--can't live without him! He's always there in our problems. He knows that there are problems in our lives, and he wants us to know that we really need him all the time. God never allows trials and pain deliberately.Romans 9: 28-29

Here's a brief info about the messages and the church. Just scroll down to read it.


Jan 02, 05- Ending of stagnation
Duet 2:1-5
We have to end the stagnation at the moment. Things that you have to ficus on are: What must we do to end the stagnation? and Why do we fall into this stagnation?
Rules and Ideas
**We must leave the comfortable (Romans 12:1-2)
The place of comfort will be the place of spiritual burial( where we're going to die spiritually.) God wants us to come higher this year. Leave the land of safety.
**We must cross enemy territory.(vs. 4)
2 CHronicles 20:15
Do not be diamayed or afraid for the battle is not yours. Fear is the biggest problem. By nature we are proned not to cross the enemy territory.
**(vs 4) We must know they fear us
we ought to know that:
THe world is more scared and has fear about the church. Because God was them they has no fear.--Mathew 10:28
"Watch yourself carefully"
Reasons: True faith cannot be worn as a cloak of injustice.
**We must be very careful--Don't meddle with the enemies!
  > Trust the Lord with all your heart
  > Become a student of God's Word
  > Pray  Pray  Pray!
  >Avoid every evil appearance
  >Become team players
  > Become a lifesaver, not a perisher
  > Turn north and more out!


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